Five New Pop Holiday Songs That Don’t $*(%!

  1. Christmas Without You.  Lannie Flowers gives us a twangy-guitar litany of Christmas regrets that is probably more appropriate to listen to with a bottle of beer than with an eggnog.
  2. I’ve Been Good This Year.  The Turnback will rock your socks off with this one — I hope Santa brings you a new pair!  The uptempo rockabilly sound suggests that you get those decorations up quickly.  You will not want to throw a holiday party without this on your playlist.
  3. The Smile of Rachael Ray. David Mead brings us a wistful holiday story without being sullen.  He presents his little world in wordplay that deftly avoids gimmick, and it’s utterly believable.
  4. Christmas’ Sun.  Here’s a big, warm Christmas ballad from Italian band Cirrone.  They have nailed the smooth vocals and melodic arrangement of classic power pop, with that same let’s-hold-hands feeling that you got from “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” (at least the first handful of times, before it was overplayed by Coke to death).
  5. Merry Christmas Around The World.  You’ll be bopping along to this happy tune by Australia’s Joe Algeri & The Sugarbits when you remember (probably at the chorus), “Hey, this is a Christmas song!”  And that’s a good thing in this case.  Smiles all around.
  6. Bonus: The Jewish people (my people!) may suffer from a shortage of pop holiday songs, but please see my list below for some “Chanukah Uncommon” music.

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