Snub? I like your attitude!

The Snub Two FestivalThe Snub Two Festival is in Liverpool, but their credo could easily apply to any city with a big music scene.

“In the current climate of pay to play, pay to apply and voting systems for gig slots, we, in conjunction with [student-run] WIRELESS MAGAZINE, will be providing a non-judgemental outlet for local talent!

Let’s stop the fighting amongst the bands. Let’s unite and bring camaraderie to the arts scene instead of bands fighting amongst themselves for a mediocre slot not even their mothers can be bothered to get out of bed for. And let’s face it, if you wanted to take part in a voting system, you’d have auditioned for X-Factor.

Our nights will be of all genres, won’t be more than £3 entry in and will be held in the mighty LOMAX!

With the sad closure of The Masque and The CUC, some old Masque employees have banded together to keep up the good fight.”

It’s refreshing to see young people in the music business try to get artists out there without so much slick marketing that one gets the chills before even a note is played.  Goodness, reading that back I realize I am OLD.  But still, these young’uns have moxie!  If you’re around Liverpool the first weekend of February and in the mood for some new/alt/prog/quality rock music, you should get Snubbed.


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