Marlene songs say my name!

I’ve never really minded being a Marlene.  It’s a decent name, although the variations in pronunciation and spelling occasionally make it a pain over the telephone (I use the traditional German spelling, Marlene, and pronounce it tradtionally: mar-leh-neh.  Service operators seem determined to foist the American mar-leen on me.)  Marlene peaked as a popular name in the 1920s; while it has declined in use it’s never gone away.  In 2011, it was the 883rd most popular name.  Its history can be displayed in a baby name graphic visualizer.  Don’t skip this step — the visualizer is pretty cool, and you’ll wind up putting in your own name after.  I can’t capture the Flash chart, but you can plug in the name Marlene easily.  When you do, you’ll get an idea of the name’s faded glory.

  1. Even if it isn’t as popular it once was, if you look through a musical history of the name you’ll see Marlene popping up everywhere.  It’s the Zelig of song names.  Let’s take a stroll along the Marlene timeline, from the most recent to the brilliant classic from Marlene Dietrich. Continue reading

A friend across the sea sends me Vessels

The music scene, both in person and on the Internet, can be a very friendly place (except when it’s not, but I choose not to go there).  When I started researching and writing about people who love music and want to talk about it, one of the blogs I came across was Ice Cream Man 1967.  Wayne and I have become music pen pals of a sort, and recently he sent me the album Vessels Continue reading