Feelin’ free today

Since I don’t rip music, I paid little attention to that young woman who lit up the blogosphere by bragging she had 11,000 songs and hadn’t paid for any of them.  That said, sometimes musicians give away something in the hopes that you’ll become a paying fan.  Here are three examples that I think will do just that.

I started off with a recommendation from the esteemed PowerPopaholic; Aaron’s picks are usually first rate, and he was right again: the eponymous EP from Amsterdam band Sunday Sun is really good.  I knew after listening to it that I’d be smart to snap up their free download offer in the 10 days it has left.


PowerPopaholic also has a tag for “Top Ten of 2012 Candidate” posts, which led me to his earlier review of  David Myhr.  David is formerly of excellent Swedish band The Merrymakers, and he’s an artist I already know and like.  He’s offering up a free download of  “Got You Where He Wanted” to hook you.  It should work.  The  single mixes “I’m better for you than he is” lyrics with a dose girl-power-boosting sentiment, backed by a rich power pop arsenal of bouncy guitars and horns in the chorus.   This single is offered at “name your price,” and I pitched in about the price of an iTunes download because I could, but you can name your price at zero if you’re really tapped out.


I did absolutely no web trolling to find my free music today – everything was serendipitous.  My final fun, free find was through Twitter, where I got my hands on a track from singer/songwriter Dean Fields.  Now a lot of these random click-throughs lead to unworthy tracks, but “Forever Never Knowing” was a delicious surprise.  It took a little extra work, because Dean wanted my e-mail address in the first screen of his click-through, and I didn’t want to give it up until I knew what I was getting.  A fresh tab let me check out the video version on YouTube.  The video is charming in itself, and features Fields and his adorable wife, but the romantic tune conquered me on its own merits.  I did some of the work for you, you can listen to the track below — but I recommend grabbing his free track while it’s still up.


Life’s too short to just acquire a slush pile of downloads just because they’re free.  But with a little help from your friends, you can discover some new music on offer that is really fantastic.  And remember kids: if you love an artist’s music, BUY some of it.