A primer on power pop’s early days

Power pop is a musical genre that still is going strong both on its own terms and as an influence on a wide variety of artists.  I started off this blog last year with 12 Most Groovy Power Pop Websites, and it’s still one of my most popular articles today.  It covers the spots online for current information, but if you want to get up to speed on the early history of power pop, you have a new primer courtesy of The A.V. Club.

The Raspberries 1974, photo ericcarmen.com

The Raspberries 1974

A beginners’ guide to the heyday of power-pop, 1972-1986 covers everything from the proto-power-pop sound of groups like Badfinger to the real beginnings of power pop in the mainstream with bands such as The Raspberries and Cheap Trick.  The three-page primer touches on major influences Marshall Crenshaw, Shoes, Nick Lowe, The Smithereens, and others, and even devotes a paragraph to power pop’s intersection with “punk, pub, paisley, mod, new wave, glam, garage, and other fellow travelers.”

The primer is loaded with a dozen videos, an Rdio sampler, and a link to an extensive Spotify playlist.  Even if you’re not really a beginner, if you appreciate power pop you will enjoy this capsule history.  Thanks to The A.V. Club!

A beginners’ guide to the heyday of power-pop, 1972-1986

Cheap Trick


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