Futureman Records: Free download now, radio tonight!

Keith Klingensmith and his Futureman Records label do many projects that I love.  So I’m pleased that there are two news items from Futureman to brighten our weekend:

First, I patiently await “Beyond Belief”, the Elvis Costello tribute album.  Futureman sez: “Musicians from around the world will pay tribute to the words and music of the incomparable Elvis Costello on ‘Beyond Belief: A Tribute to Elvis Costello’ – Coming in 2013”  It will feature Brandon Schott, David Myhr, Matthew Sweet, The Molly Pitchers, Debra Iyall (formerly of Romeo Void), Suburbia, and a bunch of other interesting artists. So, while we wait, some tracks will come to Pop Garden Radio this evening.  The album’s co-producer John Borack will be a guest on the show and will debut three tracks from the release. Listen online by visiting http://www.popgardenradio.com/ at Friday night 12:05 a.m. EST (which, strictly speaking, is the first few minutes of Saturday morning) and clicking on the “Listen Live” button.

If you can’t wait until 12:05 for something good from Futureman Records, you can proceed directly to a free album download by Keith Klingensmith and the TM Collective.  Futureman Records, as I mentioned above, is Keith’s own label — but this set of classy covers doesn’t smell like a vanity project.  It’s just fun.  Keith knows his way around a setlist, bringing together songs from The Beach Boys, The Jam, and even (extra points) “Cheese and Onions” by the Rutles.  Enjoy.


2 responses

  1. Thanks for the Futureman heads-ups. On the excellent covers LP I especially like “Left of the Dial” and “The World Turns Around Her,” my all-time favorite Byrdsong.

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