The Who “Hidden Gems” playlist

I haven’t posted in a good long while, but I would be remiss if I didn’t embed this playlist from The Who.

From The Who Jukebox

Can You Believe The Who Hits 50!
The band that has influenced generations with albums like Who’s Next, Tommy, Quadrophenia and My Generation is turning 50 this year. To celebrate this momentous occasion the band is releasing “The Who Hits 50!” box set, as well as what Roger Daltrey has explain as “the beginning of a long goodbye” North American and UK tour.

Building up to the 50th anniversary we asked the cognoscenti among the community of to vote on their favorite lesser known gems from each of The Who’s 11 studio albums.

Working with Pete Townshend on curating from these fan favorites, The Who Jukebox is proud to present – three gems from each of The Who’s 11 albums. Accompanying these tracks are anecdotes by Pete himself!

Photo credit: The Who Archive at Trinifold


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